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GM1012 - Mad Bluebird

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Size: 6.5" roundel
Photographer: Michael L. Smith

Photographer Michael L. Smith took one picture of a bluebird and changed his life forever. An eastern bluebird landed on a fence post in Smith's back yard, hunkered down, fluffed up its feathers and fixed its black, beady eyes on the long lens of Smith’s camera, sixty feet away.

More than 20 years later, Smith still cannot entirely believe it. This was no ordinary bluebird. It was a grumpy bluebird. A ticked-off, glowering, down-in-the-beak bluebird. Hundreds of thousands of copies of this photo have been sold. One stained glass roundel featuring this adamant looking bluebird was given to Madame Albright after a particularly determined speech at the United Nations. She acknowledged a kindred spirit with the bird.

Who knew the worldwide acclaim this bird would achieve and bring to photographer, Michael L. Smith? Glassmasters has memorialized the Mad Bluebird in their proprietary process of stained glass. Unlike a photo, you can see the play of light and shadows that brings you face to face with this determined creature.

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